One Day. One Story.

A Lifetime of Healing.


A story among many.

Darkness, anger, and survival,

memories bleed through,

flickering from one memory to the next

turning the mundane,

every day into a nightmare.

I am ripped from the present

to the past of

anguish and despair

secrets that are

buried within,

the muffled cries

forcing the silence.

I am quiet no more.

I will no longer keep this secret.

I will no longer be trapped in

yesterday’s nightmare.

drawing of the author, female with a hoodie with writing 'not all wounds are visible'
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Art & Mental Health Awareness Art is the universal language. No matter what form that art takes, it speaks to each person who sees, reads, or hears it. So you can use art to start conversations and bring people together. And that is what the Talking It Out: A...
Learning to Love Sober Life
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Learning to Love Sober Life

Learning to Love Sober Life

I used only to have one birthday month, and now I have two. The first one is my actual birth month, August, and my second birth month is when I stopped drinking, December. So this December marks three years of sobriety.

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Random Thoughts About Stuff

Random Thoughts About Stuff

I have a holiday-induced introvert hangover, but I still had to write. Writing is how I get through things like an introvert hangover. But I could barely focus, so I did what I could and dug up some old random thoughts.

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