One Day. One Story.

A Lifetime of Healing.


A story among many.

Darkness, anger, and survival,

memories bleed through,

flickering from one memory to the next

turning the mundane,

every day into a nightmare.

I am ripped from the present

to the past of

anguish and despair

secrets that are

buried within,

the muffled cries

forcing the silence.

I am quiet no more.

I will no longer keep this secret.

I will no longer be trapped in

yesterday’s nightmare.

drawing of the author, female with a hoodie with writing 'not all wounds are visible'
Meet My Imagined Imaginary Friend
My Imagined Imaginary Friend I had an imagined imaginary friend once. Wait. What? How does that work? Well, it works like this. I had to have been about five, maybe a bit younger, I can't recall exactly, but it was somewhere about that age. I was on my way to the...
Clutter, Clutter Everywhere
Clutter is a Trauma Response Clutter is a trauma response for me. I used to think that I was just disorganized. I had piles of papers on the floor, not high piles mind you, small stacks of papers a couple of inches high spread about the room. I liked to tell myself...
Tossing Pebbles
Abusive Childhood, the Shittiest Way to Grow Up The shitty things people do to other people? It is only going to get worse. Sure, I think writing about my craptastic, abusive childhood will somehow change something about the future. I hope it will change the outcome...
The Sacrificial Lamb, er, Goat
Scapegoating and Sacrifice Scapegoating and sacrificing the scapegoat is part of human history. But, wow, how shitty are we? Pretty shitty that we must dump our insecurities onto an animal (historically) and then send that animal off into the wild, with our sins, to...
Meet My Imagined Imaginary Friend

Meet My Imagined Imaginary Friend

I was embarrassed with my self-talk. Or maybe I didn’t want anyone to know that I talked to myself—least of all, my mother. Even though she hadn’t identified me as the scapegoat, I still didn’t trust her.

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Clutter, Clutter Everywhere

Clutter, Clutter Everywhere

I am always worried about how much stuff I have. Currently, I think I have too much. I get curious looks from people when I say that. Apparently, others don’t see what I see. This should not be a surprise to anyone—least of all me.

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Tossing Pebbles

Tossing Pebbles

There has always been that oppositional defiance within me that wants to keep poking at the things no one wants to discuss. Because I know that when terrible things are going on, and no one speaks about them, it gives leeway to abusers to continue.

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