Fighting to Escape Darkness (poem)

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Sharing this helps others realize they are not alone

darkness of depression

Darkness of Depression

Darkness overrides all senses

keeping me from knowing

love, encouragement,

and acceptance. Nothing can

penetrate when

darkness engulfs me.

I am alone, the darkness

whispers. Unable to see what

surrounds me, I have no choice

but to believe what the darkness says.

What if it’s wrong?

That question pierces the darkness,

barely anything to note, this minuscule

chink, but I can see now what is

beyond. And I begin to ask more questions.

More holes appear as I question this

reality, one built

for me to live out my existence

within the darkness. But what if?

I no longer want to live

there, in that darkness,

now I have seen light,

felt the warmth, am aware of what

is possible. Question my reality, to exist

within this

darkness and solitude, and


it no longer fits me. I begin

to break free.


This new reality of light,

is scary, and I am unsure of myself,

so much time in that darkness,

though I know it whispers lies,

those familiar lies clings to me,

holds me tight, and tells me to be fearful

of what lies beyond.

Oh, the struggle to escape!

That darkness binds me, tightening its grip,

whispering the worst things.

I am fearful.

So afraid, and yet I continue my

struggle to escape

what once was

to step forward into what

could be.

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Sharing this helps others realize they are not alone


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