Dreams Tell Us Things, If We Listen

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Sharing this helps others realize they are not alone

Dreams Tell Us Things

drawing of person holding pencil as representing what dreams tell usI believe that dreams tell us things. If we are willing to listen to what our dreams are saying. It all started with a very vivid and crazy dream that I had a week or so ago. Some of the medications that I am can cause vivid dreams. I am proof positive of that side-effect. Also, since I stopped drinking, I remember my dreams too. I feel like it is a win-win.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that dreams are a way of telling us something. And since our brains generate dreams, I think it is something we already know but need a nudge to engage. Scientists have some interesting theories on dreams. Because there is no definitive reason for our dreams, I can interpret my dreams any way I would like.

I do look to my dreams as a way to “see” what I am pondering or worrying about. Like my drinking dreams, for example. Those are pretty obvious to me. So, when I dreamed about vampires the other night, I was a bit confused. Within my dream, there was a moment of odd hilarity that I shared with my therapist. I was also looking for her help in deciphering what my dream was trying to tell me.


During my dream, vampires had abducted a couple of my friends and my dog.  I was on my one-person rescue mission when I ran into a group of people who were vampire hunters. Go figure, right? But it was good that they were there because I seriously would not have survived. Hint: this is one of the themes of my dream. And so I join up with the vampire hunters. 

As we go into the house that the vampires had been using, one of the vampire hunters suggested that I rescue my dog and head out to the truck to meet up in a bit. It sounded like a great plan to me, so that is what I did. Hey, I know my strengths. My dog and I go to the truck parked outside to wait for the rest of the rescued group to come out. As we sit in the truck, a vampire, having followed us outside, pushes the cab’s sunroof into the truck’s front seating area. 

Flattened down by the sunroof, I couldn’t move around much but began searching for a weapon. I remember thinking, ‘what kind of vampire hunters don’t leave some weapons in their truck?’ Because, seriously, there was nothing that I could find to use. And then I found a pencil. It wasn’t even a mechanical pencil, but an honest to god No. 2 pencil.

A Pencil??

‘A pencil?!’ I thought, ‘Seriously? A pencil is the best my mind can come up with for me to defend myself and my dog against a vampire?’ Even in my dream, I am annoyed and flabbergasted by the ‘weapon’ that I found. What the hell am I supposed to do with a pencil against a vampire? This is my dream. Why did I not give myself something better to fight with? Because my dream was trying to tell me something. 

One of those things I figured out on my own (yay me!) was that we all need help. None of us are in this alone. It is why the vampire hunter group suddenly showed up in my dream. I was about to go in against vampires by myself. What was I thinking? That I could do it alone, but I can’t. And if I am being honest with myself, I don’t want to go it alone. 

During my therapy session (remember the previous paragraph, no one goes it alone), my therapist sheds even more light on my dream. She said, “You use a pencil when writing your blog.” Holy shit. I did not even think about that. Well, I don’t use an actual pencil, but the symbolism is there because I am writing and drawing. I do use an Apple Pencil for drawing, so there, I do use a pencil. And dreams are symbolic, after all.

Pencils, Vampires & More

My dream was telling me that you will find what you are looking for when you look hard enough. Or what you need at the moment, depending on the situation. It may not be or look like what you thought, but it will be there when you need it. It may not be the ideal tool, but it will at least get the job done. 

When we think we are looking for something else, we overlook what we do have available. In my dream, I was lamenting the fact that the real vampire hunters had better weapons. Why did I not decide to be a vampire hunter, or why did I not have the professional’s tools? Because I am not a vampire hunter, that’s why. 

In my dream, when I used the pencil, it didn’t kill the vampire, but it certainly made him realize that I wasn’t as easy of a target as he initially thought. Which I think is one of the other things that my brain was trying to tell me. I felt powerless growing up and that I didn’t have weapons to fight back against abuse. Those who sought to harm me would know that I am not an easy target as they thought.

Deeper Dreams

My dream didn’t seem that deep at first. But it felt so real (thank you medication) that I couldn’t forget it. I figured it was just that I read a vampire book that caused my dream. Now, I believe that is more. Now I think that my dream had a meaning that goes even deeper than I initially thought. And it is there that the truth sits. 

My dream showed me the tool that I am meant to use; the pencil. I couldn’t find any other tools in my dream because I cannot use other people’s tools, only my own. This dream came after I thought that I should work on something else besides my blog.

Every time I think about doing something else besides my blog, or in addition to it, the universe turns me back towards my blog. And this dream was yet another reminder that I am on the right path. Not only that I am on the right path but that I am using the right tool for me.  

My chosen weapon may be a simple pencil, but not everyone can wield it.

Sharing this helps others realize they are not alone


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