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Sharing this helps others realize they are not alone

mornings are the worstMornings Are the Worst

During these uncertain times, one of the most challenging times of the day is the morning. At least, it is for me. Maybe I am the only one, but I will bet I am not because mornings are the worst.

In our dreams, the world is as it should be. There is no pandemic, no shelter-in-place orders, and no death tolls being reported on the news daily, reminding us that there is an enemy out there that we can’t see.

It is within that soft, warm blanket of sleep that all is right with the world. Nothing can hurt us there. We are at peace in those moments.

The Jarring Morning Time

Then the loud BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, the blaring of the alarm rudely awakens you from slumber. It is another day of realities, another day of new numbers, new restrictions, and new information.

The red headlines are jumping out at you from the news, reminding you that we are still living with a pandemic. There is the stress of wanting to know and yet not wanting to know.

It is a tug of war throughout the day. Do I look at the news? Do I really want to know?

Mornings Are Hard

Let’s take a moment to recognize how hard it is to awaken from the comfort of your dreams to our harsh reality today.

I know for me, when depressed and under enormous amounts of stress (most of which I put upon myself), there were (and still are) days that I physically could not get out of bed.

I would curl myself into a ball, head in my pillow, refusing to admit that another day had started. Also, I was still hungover before times so getting up was especially difficult.

Change the Routine

I am working to change my perception of mornings. It is not easy. There is no real reason for me to get up. The world has closed its doors.

But today, I got up. I pushed my blanket to the side (no easy feat, it’s a weighted blanket) and pushed myself out of bed. My new routine begins with standing taller than usual when I get out of bed.

It is my version of a superhero pose. It helps me to know that whatever happens today, I can handle it. I have the power to affect my world positively. Try it for yourself.

Go ahead and strike your superhero pose.

I bet you will find that your day looks that much brighter even before coffee.

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Sharing this helps others realize they are not alone


  1. Pete Collins

    I have read in different places that our subconscious mind is always working even while we sleep and that we can influence it right before we fall asleep. Something I do that I think has made a difference for me is that right after I shut off the light at night and just before I fall asleep I tell myself the following: 1.) 1 thing I am grateful for. 2.) 3 good things that happened for me today. 3.) 3 reasons tomorrow is going to be a good day. After practicing this for a while now, I do find that when the last thing I consciously think about before I fall asleep is why tomorrow will be a good day I often wake up with my first thoughts be those 3 reasons why I am going to have a good day. Not sure if there is any science behind it, but it seems to work for me. Doesn’t work every day, but many days it does!

    • 13talia

      Hey Pete! That is a really great idea! I read before I go to sleep and I know that I try to read something fictional so my brain doesn’t start working right as I fall asleep. I am going to try that too. I think there is a science behind what we say and/or think before we go to sleep will have an impact on how we feel in the morning. I read something (I will have to find it and share it) about how Sunday evening most people are already dreading Monday. So when something bad happens, they blame it on it being Monday. Self-fulfilling prophecy, perhaps? If you go to bed thinking about what a great day the next day will be, how will that change the outcome? The key is finding what works for you and sticking with it. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Kati Catania

    I love my weighted blanket! I’ve been doing push ups during the day to give myself energy and remind myself that I am strong!

    • 13talia

      Hi Kati,

      Me too!! I love my weighted blanket so much! I love the push-ups during the day to remind yourself how strong you are. Go Kati!!!


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