My Poetry Challenge to Myself

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Sharing this helps others realize they are not alone

My Poetry Challenge For Me

my poetry challenge for meWho knows what is going on with me this week? It’s just been tough, I guess. The holidays and we had frigid temperatures down here. WTH? I moved to the south for a reason! And it wasn’t subzero temps.

I will get back to all the serious shit I usually write about after the New Year. Maybe I can’t take any more of my super seriousness. Perhaps it’s just this time of year when the world is still half asleep, and I, too, want to hibernate my brain.

So for the next several blog posts (I am not putting a limit on this), I will be writing and posting poetry. This could be how I continue to find my voice. But, if I am not practicing and tweaking what I write daily, I will continue to be lost, stumbling around in the dark, looking for the damn light switch.

Fumbling in the Dark

My poetry challenge to me part one is all about playing around with words. At least, that is what I am telling myself. It takes some pressure off if I am not too serious about this challenge. It is, after all, a challenge to myself, so what is there to take seriously about this?

I don’t know why poetry has always been my way of communicating. I don’t read other people’s poetry. I take that back. I do have, sitting on my nightstand right now, Pillow Thoughts (paid link) by Courtney Peppernell.

This morning I realized that the poets we celebrate didn’t go to school for poetry. Maybe they had degrees in English, maybe not. But for the most part, I think words spoke to them, formed in their brain in a way that others called “poetry,” and that was that.

my poetry challenge to meI wonder if poets are neurodivergent. We see the world as words, incredible flowing waterfalls of jumbling words that only we can see the pattern and the beauty hidden within.

Frankenstein’s Poetry?

Maybe I will take parts of this and, like Dr. Frankenstein, bring those parts to life to make a whole of something. I feel like that is what I am doing with my life right now. So I am going to take a part out of this, a piece out of that, and voila! A life is created.

Isn’t that how it is done? If you look at your life, as I have done and am doing, and you realize that you don’t like where you are or who you see in the mirror daily, then figure out what to do to change.

Without further ado, here is part one of my poetry challenge to myself.

Things Left

I have

a lot

to say.

(left unsaid)

I have

a lot

to do.

(left undone)

I have

a lot

to learn.

(left unlearned)

I have

a lot

to know.

(left unknown)





Ignorance governs

the feeble mind.

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Sharing this helps others realize they are not alone


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