What Would It Be Like to Have Ultimate Power?

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Victimization and White Male Privilege

victimization and white male privilegeI honestly cannot imagine growing up believing that I could do whatever I wanted simply because of my gender and skin color. To exist in a world where one can victimize entire groups of people. I see that privilege and a link between victimization and white male privilege. And how that continues to play out in our society. 

A white man rapes a woman, and who do we instantly think to blame? The victim. Oh, hell, a white man does anything outside of the laws and norms, and it is always the other person’s fault. Our entire system favors white males. Not long ago, white men were in charge of everything, government, judicial system, etc. Mm. Curious.

And society, time and time again, make excuses for white males, especially wealthy white males. And as such, society has taught those groups who are not white males to kowtow and make excuses for white males. As a result, marginalized groups have, and will continue to be, victimized because of white male privilege.

I do not include all white males in my diatribe, just the assholes. You know, the ones trying to control what women can do with their bodies, what books we have access to, and ensuring that children only learn about the ‘great white men’ in school curriculums. Those guys.  

I have a lot of white male friends who are allies and advocates. To them, I am eternally grateful.

victimization and white male privilege

My World

Shit, I can’t even imagine living in a world where I don’t have to look over my shoulder when walking to my car in a parking garage with keys in hand, unlock my car door, get in, and hastily relock the doors lest someone attack me.

That is my world.

I am not at the bottom of society’s hierarchy, and I still have no concept of what it is like to have such privilege and power over others. So much so that there isn’t a realization that you have that power because that is everything you have ever known.

Therefore you have no idea what life is like on the other side of that dividing line. And there is no reason to change your status in the world. Why should you? You are at the top of the food chain.

Oh, The Privilege

Albeit those rights or privileges came from, I don’t know, never doing anything to deserve those rights or privileges, but instead from the color of your skin (or lack of color, aka melanin) and the dangly bits between your legs.

I have to say I feel like that latter reason for your privilege is extraordinarily ironic. Being that symbol and “reason” for your power is your Achilles’ heel. So vulnerable are those dangly little bits.

Why evolutionarily speaking, didn’t that change to be less vulnerable? Seriously.

But hey, whatever, no matter how you got there, you are on the top of the shit heap. AND you didn’t have actually to do anything to get there. It’s your privilege and right. Good on you!

Apparently, pale skin color and the dangly bits were enough at one point in history.

It isn’t anymore.

Changing History

Although I argue it never was, a particular historical figure whose teachings extend worldwide was not white. But we (who is this we? Oh, yes, white men in positions of power) made him white because there cannot be a darker-skinned martyr.

No, that cannot be. Maintaining the patriarchy is more important than historical accuracy or giving credit to a person of color.  

In case you are confused, I am referring to Jesus. Jesus was a person of color. Walk into most churches worldwide, and Jesus is white. The writers of the bible did not describe Jesus in any great detail. Curious.

And thus began or, more likely, continued the great white lie. No one else, except white men, has ever done anything to contribute to society throughout history. And so their hold on society remains. Their privilege remains. For doing what, again? Oh, right, lacking melanin and having dangly bits.

What’s confusing to me is that white people will lay out in the sun, darkening their skin so they aren’t white anymore. Being tan was all the rage. What is that all about, trying to blend in like a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Even more ironic? We get skin cancer because of it.

Medical News Today: “White people are more likely to develop many types of skin cancer than any other racial group. This is because they have less melanin in their skin, which gives skin its color. Melanin provides some protection against UV light, which is a leading cause of skin cancer.”

Human Being Rights

Other people—whose skin has different levels of melanin and lacks dangly bits—have rights and privileges too. And we are starting to stand up for those rights. And that scares the white men in power. And that fear drives them to double down on and continue marginalizing and victimizing people.

Their fear makes them feel small, vulnerable, and afraid.

Gee, kinda like how the rest of us have felt our whole lives.

Therapy isn’t going to help with white male privilege. It can help with creating stronger boundaries, and a stronger sense of self to navigate a world that may not value you, even though you are valuable. 

I recommend Online-Therapy.* Encouraging therapy is their first step in healing.

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Sharing this helps others realize they are not alone


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